Meet Abdu

Experience 'Muza Muza' with Abdu, the Musical Folklore and MUSE of Old Akko

Meet Adi

Explore the secrets of the Enchanted Old City of Akko, meet the locals and the unique flavors

Meet Andrew

Expose yourself to the variety of possibilities of Akko as a conservation, development and community activism city

Meet Beit Elfarasha

Get to know the El-Farasha House, learn the secrets of the Akko authentic cuisine from the unique women’s team of El-Farasha House

Meet Fabian

Discover the magic of Akko from every angle with Fabian

Meet Gallery 192

Design your own special & colorful paper strings and get a personal jewelry.

Restaurants & Street food

Akko is famous for its delicious food, from renown Chefs and incredible Seafood, to its savory Hummus you won't want to miss.

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Famous for Hummus

For culinary travelers, Akko is a Hummus Heaven
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Akko Restaurants’ Scene

Fine dining, unique chefs, specialty foods abound
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Explore more Akko locals

Meet Judith

You are welcome to enjoy the special diversity of Old Akko with a 'mixed Akko' tour

Meet Nurit

Join the experience of authentic flavors and aromas that set Akko apart

Meet Omri

Take a tour with Omri in the special alleys of Old Akko and discover a magical world of artists and craftsmen.

Meet Roman

Join Roman to a Time Travel in Old Akko and hear the Tales of the city.

Meet Saleem

Attend Saleem's workshop and learn the secrets of conservation art.

Meet Shelley-Anne

Join a special tour with Dr. Shelly-Anne, a fascinating and intriguing encounter with the hidden palaces and painted ceilings in Old Akko.

Hotels & Vacation rentals

Explore all accommodation

Explore more Akko locals

Meet Vered

You are welcome to combine history, art and cuisine in one fascinating tour

Meet Walid

Discover beautiful street art with Walid

Meet Wisam

Explore the mysteries of the Sufi culture and more…