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Terms of Use

Site – Terms of Use

Welcome to the website of the Old Akko and Nazareth Development Company Ltd (hereinafter: the “The Site”). The Site is operated by the Old Akko and Nazareth Development Company Ltd, Company Number 520027384 (hereinafter: the “Site Management” or the “Company”).

The Site serves as an information site on the Company’s fields of activity, tourist sites, attractions, events, accommodation, culinary, hiking trails, environment-related information, demographics, advertisements and a link to electronic booking sites for making reservations on external sites (hereinafter: “Booking”).

  1. General

1.1 The following Terms of Use apply to users of the Site, which is operated by the Old Akko and Nazareth Development Company Ltd at the address: (hereinafter: the “The Site”).

1.2 The Terms of Use apply to use of the Site by any computer or other communication device including smartphones, etc. and to any content included therein including, inter alia but not only, information of any kind including all verbal, visual, audio, audiovisual content, documents, images, photos, illustrations, software, files, computer codes, applications and databases (hereinafter: the “The Contents”).

1.3 These Terms of Use are added to the instructions of any other regulations found at the site, and in case of discrepancy, the provisions of the specific regulations prevail.

1.4 It is known to the users of the Site that the use of certain services at the Site is limited to users who are qualified to perform binding legal actions. In case a browsing person who is a minor (under the age of 18) or is not entitled to perform legal actions without the confirmation of a guardian to make use of the Site including the Contents and/or services and/or products included therein, such browsing person will be considered as if it has obtained its legal guardian’s confirmation to do so.

1.5 The Site’s Terms of Use are phrased in masculine for convenience purposes only and refer to both genders.

1.6 The headings of the regulations are for convenience and orientation purposes only and will not be used for interpretation.

2. Use of the Site

2.1 The entire Site including all the Contents contained therein and its underlying software are offered for users AS IS.

2.2 It is known and acceptable to the users that the access to parts of the Site may be contingent on and/or affected by the installation of hardware components in their own computer, including certain browsers and extensions to such browsers. The user is responsible to find out and install any software component required for using the Site, at their expense and responsibility. The Company is not liable for such software components and any defect in them or as a result of its installation or non-installation. Without derogating from the generality of the aforesaid, the access to the Site and the Contents included therein may change according to features of the hardware, operating system, different browsers and software of the user’s computer, and their definitions. The Company does not guarantee that the Contents will be displayed in the same and/or correct way on different computers.

2.3 The Company may, at any time, introduce changes to the Site, remove Contents from the Site or add Contents to the Site, from time to time, by updating the Site, and also discontinue and restart the Site. The Company is not obligated to retain the information and Contents of the Site and may delete them.

2.4 The Site may contain links to other websites which are not operated by the Company (hereinafter: “Links”). The Links are presented for the user’s convenience only and the Company does not have any control over such sites, and is not liable for the contents included in them and/or the services provided by them. The Company is not liable for contents included in the Links and is not responsible for the correctness of the Links. The Company may, at its sole discretion, remove any Link from the Site and/or add other Links.

2.5 Commercials (advertisements) of third parties may appear on the Site. The Company is not liable for the content of the commercials published on the Site and what they advertise. Liability for the publication is of the advertisers only, and the Company will not be responsible for the content of the commercials at the Site or their credibility. It should be emphasized that publication of the commercial information itself does not form any encouragement or recommendation to purchase the services or products offered for sale at the Site.

2.6 Without derogating from the generality of the aforesaid, it is known to the user that the Company’s Site may include references and/or Links and/or commercials to tourism services provided in the area and particularly in Akko, including Links to local hotels, restaurants, attractions, guided tours, etc. The user acknowledges he knows that the Company is not liable for these services and/or their quality and/or compliance of the service providers with everything required by law, and it is the user’s responsibility to check and verify the above mentioned data prior to engagement with any party, and in any case the consumption of such services is at the user’s sole responsibility, without any liability on the Company’s part.

2.7 In addition to the aforesaid, the Company’s Site includes advertisements and/or Links to guided tours provided by third parties to visitors and tourists to Old Akko. The Company hereby clarifies that it is not liable for the quality of the tour guides and/or their training and/or compliance with the provisions of any law, including licensing of tour guides, and it is the visitor’s/tourist’s own responsibility to check and verify all the above. It is hereby clarified that tours conducted by the guides whose details are included in Links at the Site will be conducted privately by such guides, and the Company is not a party to any such engagement. The Company will also not be responsible for any damage and/or loss and/or grievance of any visitor/tourist who has chosen to engage with a guide whose details are included in the Link at the Company’s Site.

2.8The Company may limit the access to the Site or any part thereof to users and/or condition the access to the Site to users who have confirmed their agreement to certain special conditions.

3. Copyrights

3.1 The Site as a whole and the Contents displayed on it include Contents which are the sole property of the Company and/or of third parties who have given the Company permission to use them, and they are protected by the laws of the State of Israel, international treaties and foreign laws, to which the use of such Contents is subject.

3.2 The User is required to comply with such laws and is forbidden from making any use of the Contents which is prohibited by law including commercial use, publication, distribution, copy, duplication, creation of derivatives, processing or transfer, sale of lease of the Site’s Contents without the Company’s prior written consent. The User is also forbidden from making use of trade names and trademarks displayed on the Site without the Company’s prior written consent. Such consent will be given by the Company after examining each application separately and at the Company’s sole discretion, which may condition its consent on different conditions and require usage fee, at its discretion.

4. User’s Obligations

4.1 A user of the Site (hereinafter: “the User”) will not perform actions on the Site in a way which does not comply with any law and/of these Terms of Use, including making any commercial use of the Site’s Contents or any part thereof and/or any interference with the Contents displayed on the Site including, inter alia, any change or deletion of information or Contents, or actions which are likely to limit or prevent others from using the Site.

4.2 The User will not perform on the Site actions that constitute forgery, impersonation, deception or fraud.

4.3 The User will indemnify and compensat the Company for any damage, direct or indirect, and/or any expense caused to the Company in connection with a claim and/or demand arising from the User’s use of the Site, including any action contrary to these Terms of Use or the provisions of any law.

4.4 Without derogating from any other right the Company may have, the User hereby agrees that in case the Company is of the opinion that the User’s use does not comply with the provisions of the Terms of Use and/or any law, the Company may take any action as it deems fit to protect its rights and/or the rights of third parties, inter alia by preventing the User from accessing the Site and recording and/or tracking the User’s use of the Site.

4.5 It is also clarified that the Company may deliver details of the User’s identity and of actions he has performed on the Site to third parties, if it is obligated to do so under a judicial order, or if it faces a threat of legal actions (criminal or civil) being taken against it for actions performed by the User on the Company’s Site. In such case, the Company will be entitled to deliver the User’s details to the party claiming it has been harmed by the User or under provisions of the judicial order.

5. Limitation of Liability

5.1 The use of the Site is at the User’s responsibility only.

5.2 The Company and/or third parties are not liable in any way whatsoever for the use of the Site’s Contents including their accuracy, reliability, availability and quality, and are not responsible or liable in any way whatsoever for any disruption, error or omission in the Contents uploaded to the Site.

5.3 The Company will not be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential or accidental damage due to access to the Site and the use thereof or due to any prevention from using the Site, whether on contractual ground or tortious ground. The Company is not liable for any damage including due to virus, malicious software programs such as a Trojan horse, worms, or any kind of software applications, the User’s computer equipment or any other property of the User, which will be caused by browsing or using the Site, including due to downloading information and/or Contents from the Site.

5.4 The Company applies information security systems and procedures on the Site. Whereas such systems and procedures reduce the risk of unauthorized penetration to the Company’s computers, they do not quaranty absolute protection. Therefor the company does not promise that the services at the site are proofed against unauthorized access to the information stored in them.

5.5 The Company and third parties who advertise on the Site use cookie files (“Cookies”) for the Site’s ongoing and proper operation, including for the purpose of collecting statistical data relating to the use of the Site, verification of details, for adapting the Sites to Users’ personal preferences, for information security purposes, and to eliminate the need to enter User information on the site in designated areas.

Users, who are not interested in receiving Cookies files, may avoid it by changing their browser definitions. For that purpose, it is required to use the browser’s help file. Moreover, any User may delete the Cookies from the computer any time. It should be clarified that eliminating the possibility to receive Cookies files may affect the browsing and the use of the Site experience.

6. Bookings through the Site

6.1 The Company’s Site includes Links to sale screens with details on paid access to sites, paid events, paid tours and sale of tickets to such events and/or entry to the Company sites.

6.2 The service terms stipulated in this document will also apply to the User’s use of the sale screens and/or the Links mentioned above, and their use is at the User’s responsibility only.

6.3 Refund and cancellation policy –
Refund, change or cancellation of a Booking will be possible by a refund or change of the ticket date- and/or show date, within a timeframe of up to 14 days after placing the Booking.

The terms of Booking-cancellation are subject to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, 5741-1981.

7. Miscellaneous

7.1 The Company may assign its rights and obligations under these Terms of Use or any part thereof.

7.2 The Company reserves its right to introduce changes in these Terms of Use at any time and at its sole discretion and without prior warning, and any change in the Terms of Use will enter into force immediately on its publication on the Site as part of the Terms of Use. It is the User’s responsibility to check and be updated with the Terms of Use.

7.3 The use of information and Contents not under the Terms of Use specified in this document will be a cause for taking all legal measures at the Company’s disposal.

7.4 All the activity on the Site and everything relating thereto, including the Terms of Use, will be subject to Israeli law only, and the sole jurisdiction in any dispute relating to the Site and its use and the Terms of Use will be solely to the competent courts of Haifa.

7.5 For any question or issue relating to the Site or its Terms of Use and for any offer for improvement or recommendation, please contact the Company through the following email address: [email protected].

8. Privacy Policy

8.1 Agreement to receive advertisements – at the time of submission of the User’s details, including registration to the Site and/or providing an email address and/or on placing Booking, the User agrees and give its approval to the Site operator and/or related parties to send him, by any means of communication and at its discretion, messages of any type in connection with its activity and/or the Site’s activity and/or the activity of other sites of the Site operator’s group, including sites which are operated and/or managed by the Site operator and/or related parties, including offers to purchase a property or service and/or advertising mailing of any type whatsoever and/or system notices and/or service notices and/or other notices to clients. This personal information will not be disclosed and will not be further used for marketing purposes without permission.

8.2 Moreover, this personal information can be used for market-survey purposes. If it is your wish, at any time, to remove your personal details from the Company’s mailing list, please contact the Company’s representative through the email addressed specified above.

8.3 The Company takes acceptable precautions to keep the confidentiality of the information, as much as possible. In any case not under the Company’s control and/or arising from Force Majeure, the Company will not be liable for any damage of any type whatsoever, direct or indirect, caused to the client if such information has been lost and/or made unauthorized use of.