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Meet Fabian

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One-day tours of the sites of Akko and its alleys

Discover the magic of Akko from every angle with Fabian

About Fabian

A licensed tour guide who immigrated to Israel from Argentina at the age of 13.

Ever since he came to Israel, he has fallen in love with the country and loved to travel along it.

Lives in Nahariya and is very connected to the Western Galilee region in general and Akko in particular. The historical richness of the city, the combination of cultures and the special charm, led Fabian to offer a number of city tours lasting 2-4 hours and up to a daily tour of about 8 hours.

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About the tour

One-day tours of the sites of Akko and its alleys
Expand your horizons and discover innovation and entrepreneurship in Akko on an experiential tour of the city’s alleys.

A 4-hour tour that includes the popular sites in the city, including: the Knights Halls, the City Market and the Port of Akko.

An 8-hour in-depth tour into the history of Akko and its diverse cultures. The tour includes acquaintance with daily life in the city and with the locals.

The tours go through the alleys of the Old City and discuss, among other things, current affairs, entrepreneurship and new entrepreneurs in Akko. The tour also deals with the history and the different cultures of the city and the struggles for control of the city in the different periods.

As part of the tour, you will climb the city walls for an observation point towards Haifa and end the tour at the beautiful and vibrant city port.

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