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Meet Walid

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Art Workshop

Discover beautiful street art with Walid

About Walid

Walid is an Akko artist who specializes in Street Art; he is 64 years old and has been painting since the age of 18.

He has a natural talent and self-learning ability, has not studied in any academic setting.

Walid is a member of a well-known family in Akko that has been engaged in the field of confectionery and oriental sweets for three generations.

Walid himself, in addition to his art, also makes different types of oriental cookies.

 Rassan, Walid’s son, follows in the footsteps of his father in the art field, and has been involved in photography for a number of years.

As part of his work as a freelancer he has already managed to be photographed for many shows including BBC channels, Al Jazeera, Al Arabia and more.

As part of Walid’s tour and visit, you can also enjoy Rassan’s photography.

Walid’s Gallery is an open gallery and has earned in the city the nickname ‘Ashash Alley’.

The inner gallery features Ashash art paintings, unique Street Art, sculptures, and photographs by Rassan.

For gallery visitors and workshop participants, a video is shown about the artist Walid and his sculptural works.

In addition, those interested can purchase works on the spot.

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About the workshop

The picturesque alley containing his works is located in Old Akko with a permanent exhibition of the artist.

Ashash’s gallery is unique. This is an ancient well with access down to another well, which Ashash has renovated for many years.

As part of the activity, the participants receive an explanation through a presentation of Ashash’s fascinating exhibition; they can view his works and listen about what led him to set them up in its own special way.

Under the direction of the artist, participants prepare their own work, which they will take home as a souvenir.

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