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Activity time


Sites/DaysSun-Thu + Sat*Fri + holiday eve*
Knights Halls09:30am – 5:30pm9:30am – 4pm
Okashi Art Museum09:30am – 5:30pm9:30am – 4pm
Turkish Bath09:30am – 5:30pm9:30am – 4pm
Templars Tunnel09:30am – 5:30pm9:30am – 4pm
Visitors Center09:30am – 5:30pm9:30am – 4pm
Ramchal Synagogue09:30am – 5:30pm
(except for Saturdays&Holidays)
9:30am – 4pm

The tourist sites will be closed on the eve of Rosh Hashanah (Sept. 6th), on Tuesday (Sept. 7th), on the eve of Yom Kippur (Sept. 15th) and on Yom Kippur (Sept.16th).
**Notice the changes in our site activity during the days of the Akko Festival and Sukkot

Winter time: (starting 31.10.21)

Sites/DaysSun-Thu + Sat*Fri + holiday eve*
Knights Halls9:30am – 5pm9:30am – 4pm
Okashi Art Museum9:30am – 5pm9:30am – 4pm
Turkish Bath9:30am – 5pm9:30am – 4pm
Templars Tunnel9:30am – 5pm9:30am – 4pm
Visitors Center9:30am – 5pm9:30am – 4pm
Ramchal Synagogue9:30am – 5pm
(except for Saturdays&Holidays)
9:30am – 4pm
*The ticket office closes 60 minutes before closing the sites.
The sites are rich in content and we recommend arriving two hours before closing