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Accessibility Adjustments Structures, Infrastructure and Environment

The tourist sites in Old Akko, managed by the Old Acre and Nazareth Development Company Ltd., are accessible sites to the disabled.

The sites and their surroundings have areas and aids for accessibility, such as:

*Accessible parking near the Visitors Center and the Fortress (Knights Halls, Weizmann 1, Akko)

*For the benefit of overcoming height differences: disabled elevators, ramps and standard handholds.

*Accessible services: in the Enchanted Garden and in the Ramchal Visitor Center. *Accessible services at the Turkish bath site are currently inactive due to renovations in the lobby of the site.

*Directional signage and orientation at the Company’s sites and in the Old City

*Accessible garden furniture (fountains, shade sheds, picnic tables) in the Fortress gardens, the moat garden and on the Sea Stage

*Auxiliary systems such as:

  +Vocal signage systems

  +Tangible maps

   +Auxiliary system at reception

   +Subtitles and translation into sign language (in the official language of some of the films) in films and videos screened at the Visitor Center and on the website

The company is currently conducting an accessibility survey, at the end of which the means of accessibility at the various sites will be addressed and expanded, and this page will be updated accordingly.

Dear visitors,

The Templars Tunnel is temporarily not accessible for disabled visitors. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Before you visit the sites, it is recommended to contact us by phone or email, for coordination and details regarding the issue of accessibility of the visit and tour of the various sites.

Phone: 04-9956706 / 7

Mail: [email protected]

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