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Famous for Hummus

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For culinary travelers, Akko is a Hummus Heaven

Every year, hundreds of thousands of tourists, both local and international, flock to Akko to eat Hummus. Akko is famous for its Hummus: its quality, its variety and the sheer number of restaurants that sell it. But what makes it most special, is that Hummus in Akko is a family affair. Each Hummusia (Hummus restaurant) carries its own tradition dating back decades, with family recipes passing from generation to generation. A Hummusia is often named after its founder, and today it may run by a daughter or grandchild. In fact, quite a few Hammusias in Akko are run by women who continue their parent’s legacy.

It’s essential to understand that in Israel, Hummus can be a starter, a side dish, but often is the Main Dish.  Locals will devour a full bowl of Hummus with or without pita bread, fava beans (ful), mushrooms, pine nuts, hardboiled egg, ground meat, falafel, tomatoes, pickles, onions or other additionsA fresh and savory bowl of Hummus makes for a delicious and low-cost meal that will satiate both Vegetarians and Meet Eaters for hours. 

While the ingredients are simple – mashed chickpeas blended with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic and other seasonings – each family recipe will cook the chickpeas slightly differently, or mash them differently, into Hummus that can be light and fluffy or thick and chunky, more savory, sweet or with a kick of sour.  To ensure the quality of their Hummus, some restaurants will hand-mash their chickpeas or even use their own homemade olive oil.  Hummus is always best eaten fresh which is why a Hummusia will open in the morning and often close when their daily batch is finished, sometime in the afternoon. 

Ready to ‘wipe’ some Hummus?

Walk into any of the joints below, they’re all in Akko, and they’re all fabulous.  In some you’ll find other local dishes like falafel, eggplant salad, labane, stuffed grape leaves and more – but there’s no meal without Hummus!

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Old akko

Hummus Golden Spoon

The restaurant was founded and run by Nabil, who is born and lives in Akko. The hummus cooked and prepared in the restaurant is authentic, coarse and carefully seasoned hummus, and is served alongside pitas and salads. In addition to hummus, you can find in the restaurant meat dishes, grilled skewers, fish, salads and desserts. Among the special dishes are the ben'amu ("mother's white"), a warm and traditional white soup in which mutton is cooked slowly. The dish is served with rice seasoned on a hot pan.
Old akko

Falafel Arafe

Operating since 1959, this family falafel stand produces falafel balls with perfect cooperation and speed. Considered one of the best in the country, it is famous for both its quality and their unique placement of their golden balls
Old akko

Hummus Ful Shamsia

Another alcove in the crowded market serving delicious Hummus hot falafel and garlicky mashwashe. Get your Hummus the classic way, hand-ground to order by the resident matriarch, with warm chickpeas, parsley and olive oil on top.
Old akko

Hummus Issa

Fatma Aisa runs this small family restaurant inspired by cooking traditions from her home. Here you can find other local favorites like: fatir (spinach and zatar pastry), Kibbeh (burgul balls filled with meat), and stuffed grape leaves.
Old akko

Hummus Said

Perhaps the most famous in Akko, Said has been making hummus for more than 35 years. Expect long lines and a chaotic scene - hummus fanatics come from far and wide to sample their secret recipe.
Old akko

Hummus Hamudi

For over 40 years, they've been serving locals their creamy and smooth hummus along with golden balls of falafel and more. Outside of the old city, this family establishment has pleasant and quick service.
Old akko

Hummus Abu Souheil (Souhila)

Souhila al-Hindi's father opened the restaurant in the 1960s, and today she is assisted by her sister and nephews who serve Hummus with a warm-hearted smile and a variety of toppings, hot fresh falafel and a myriad of salads.
Old akko

Hummus Al Abed Abu Hamid

While she holds a Masters in Social Work, Arin ended up following her father's dream and today she runs her blue decorated Hummus restaurant with a variety of local home cooked Arab dishes like treedi, a dish of crusty pita slices covered with hot chickpeas, garlic, fresh yogurt, slivered almonds, and parsley.
Old akko

Hummus Abu George

George's Restaurant is located next to the steps of the Al Jazzar Mosque and is open Monday to Saturday and closed on Sundays. The restaurant contains about ten tables, the pride of the place is Lebanese-style dishes and chickpeas, chickpeas with a special flavor plus delicious falafel balls, also served: masbaha, mashwasha bean dish, roast meat, mutton and chicken salads and more.
Old akko

Hummus Abu Elias

Hummus has been served here for over sixty years according to a family secret passed down from generation to generation. You'll find a variety of toppings along with fresh and cooked salads, French fries, falafel and Hummus's more strongly flavored cousin, mashwashe.

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