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Meet Omri

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Artists and craftsmen in Akko

Take a tour with Omri in the special alleys of Old Akko and discover a magical world of artists and craftsmen.

About Omri

Omri Avidar is a licensed tour guide, expert on trips in the Galilee. Omri, who served for many years as a manager and vice president in the high-tech field, made a professional transition and devoted himself to his great love – to travel and guide.

Since then, Omri has often traveled and guided groups and tourists throughout the Galilee: in a wide variety of trips and activities, including nature trips, ethnic trips in the cities and villages of the Galilee and formation activities.

Over the years, Omri has gained an intimate acquaintance with the Galilee trails and especially with the people of the Galilee. His trips are always immersed in human encounters, tasting and a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

Old Akko is the focus of Omri’s activities and here he knows every corner and is known by many. The tours with Omri in Akko expose the participants to the hidden “back alleys” of the city and meetings with inspiring people and fascinating local stories.

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Artists and Craftsmen in Akko

A tour of the other Akko for a magical encounter with the city’s artists

“Artists and Craftsmen in Akko” is a tour of the picturesque alleys of Old Akko, exposing participants to the lesser known corners of Old Akko. The tour will discover the other and unconventional Akko and will introduce the participants to the special artists and craftsmen working in the city.

During the tour, participants will visit the gallery alley, meet an exceptional Akko artist who takes care of adding art and color to the city’s back alleys, get to know a neighborhood bakery that has operated there for centuries, visit a stonemasonry workshop that includes a demonstration of stonemasonry and they will come to a spectacular Akko house that has become a charming guest palace.

Fragrances of local delicacies and stories about the city’s important figures and sites will accompany the tour, and photography enthusiasts are guaranteed a fascinating experience.

additional tours

Join the ‘Classic Akko’ tour with Omri in Old Akko for a fascinating tour of tastings and antiquities.

A guided tour of Akko that combines everything that Akko has to offer: the Knights Halls, the market, the port and walls, a bit of art in renewed Akko and also tastings!!!

Akko, which was the gateway to the Land of Israel, is still a vibrant, fascinating and charming city. At its center are an amazing Crusader underground city and an authentic and colorful market. The tour focuses on both of them.

Classic Akko, picturesque streetsThe tour includes a visit to the well-known sites of the city and magical and lesser-known corners.

Also on the tour, tastings of excellent Akko food, original chickpeas, kanafeh and fresh and healthy juice (not kosher).

The tour begins with a meeting in the Enchanted Garden at the entrance to the Knights Halls and includes: the Knights Halls, Al Jazzar Mosque, Turkish Bazaar, the city market including tastings, gallery alley, walking in the city’s charming “back alleys”, the walls and lighthouse promenade including a lookout at Akko bay, the harbor and Khan al-Umdan.Classic Akko Classic Akko, the knights Halls

Join the race and enjoy a unique game with your family and friends in Old Akko.

Action Race is a competitive, bonding, and entertaining mission game – that will allow you to get to know Akko from a different angle and leave unforgettable memories!!

Action Race is a game that is very suitable for groups of workers on a formation day, for groups of friends who want something refreshing and different, for families at bar mitzvah events and other events. The game can be in Hebrew or English.

The game lasts about 3 hours, when you are divided into groups of about 7 people and compete among yourself for the prize …

The tasks are challenging, surprising, entertaining and require teamwork, they include navigation and knowledge tasks, “flavors and smells” tasks, fun tasks with the locals and group challenge tasks.

Additional activities such as meals, boating and guided tours of the city can also be added to the game.

Join Omri for a fascinating tour of Akko in the evening and be exposed to the charm of the city at sunset.

A tour of Old Akko in the hours around sunset, reveals the magical sides of the city in a different light.

Akko in the evening tour

As part of the tour you will be able to hear stories about the city, witness the spectacular sunset from the city walls and enter one of the authentic and special houses of the city.

The tour includes delicious hospitality and a fascinating conversation with a local who will tell about life inside the walls and the spirit of the city.Akko in the evening tour

You are welcome to a fascinating journey into the night, to get to know the cultures and traditions of the city during Ramadan.

Akko changes and “dresses for party” on the nights of Ramadan. As night falls, the city is lit up with colorful lights, the stalls open for the sale of Ramadan delicacies and the crowds gather in the alleys and rush home for the family after-meal of breaking the fast. It’s time to visit relatives and neighbors and bring gifts to keep the commandment of visiting relatives.Sweets for after-meal of breaking the fast

The tour begins at dusk, passes through the alleys of the city, and continues with tastings of the well-known sweets of Ramadan. A lookout over the city walls will reveal the spectacular sunset into the sea. During the tour, explanations will be included about the history and important figures of the city and especially about the sources and laws of “Ramadan Month”. The tour also includes an encounter.after-meal of breaking the fast Ramadan Nights tour

in an authentic Akko house and exposure to the holiday customs and songs and a taste of the delicacies typical of this holiday. The tour continues with the crowds through the city streets and reaches Khan El-Franj where the crowds gather and create a wonderful holiday atmosphere.

The tour begins at the Wall Beach (near the Moat parking lot) at 6pm and lasts about 3 hours.Ramadan Nights tour

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