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Meet Judith

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"Mixed Akko"

You are welcome to enjoy the special diversity of Old Akko with a ‘mixed Akko’ tour

About Judith

She is a licensed tour guide, resident of the Galilee and is simply in love with Akko.

In recent years Yehudit has been working in Old Akko and has learned to love and get to know the special people, the authentic and popular local food, the colorful food stalls of the market, the small alleys, the arts and craftsmen. The history of the city is felt in every nookand cranny, which led Yehudit to build a ‘mixed Akko’ tour.

Judith has many interests and is currently studying archeology and history of the Land of Israel.

About the Tour

The tour is mixed with fine cuisine, 5000-year history, religions in the city, art, port and sea, in all of which Old Akko excels. The tour includes a guided visit to a variety of sites, including: the Knights Halls, market tastings, the Ramchal sites, the Templar Tunnel, galleries, street art and the Tel Akko site.

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