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Meet Roman

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'Tales of Akko', Time Travel to Old Akko

Join Roman to a Time Travel in Old Akko and hear the Tales of the city.

About Roman

Roman, a licensed tour guide, has lived in Akko for several years and treats the guided tours of the Old City as a historical reconstruction.

Roman was born in Latvia, a city built in the 13th century by Crusaders from the Teutonic Order who operated in Akko.

This is how Roman realized that his destiny in life would be to be a guide who specializes in the Crusader period in Israel in general and in Akko in particular.

Roman adds to the tour a dimension of time travel as he recreates for the participants the historical events in the city while dressed in authentic 13th century attire.

As part of the tour, as in a time machine, Roman describes the different areas and districts that were in Akko, who operated where, what was life like in those districts, what did they eat, how did they dress, who fought whom and more.

Akko in the 13th century was the capital of the Crusader kingdom and had more than 20 districts. The tour will focus on the important districts that were in the Old City such as: the Templar, the Pisan, the Hospitaller, the Genoese and the Venetian. In addition to Roman’s specialization in the Crusader period, and his participation in the re-enactment of the Battle of Karnei Hittin once a year, he recently began studying archeology for a bachelor’s degree.

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About the tour

“Tales of Akko” Time Travel to Old Akko

Discover the Crusader city of Akko by going back in time with Roman 800 years back.

The tour begins in the Enchanted Garden at the entrance to the Hospitaller Citadel and continues into the districts of the Crusader city and the ancient port.

Roman, in authentic medieval attire, illustrates the stories of the city and the legends woven into it.

Through the streets and archeological finds he promises to discover stories based on historical sources, music and more.

Among the historical sources, Roman tells of the Orders of the Templars and Hospitallers who were among the leading and powerful orders in the city and built magnificent fortresses in it. It will also be told about the Franks who were divided into different peoples: Germans, Spaniards, French, Italians and other peoples who divided Europe at the time.

Three maritime republics came to Akko from Italy and established their quarters there: the Pisans, the Genoese and the Venetians. They were seafaring experts, invincible at sea and trained in various forms of warfare, smart in trade, free from all taxes and fees and claiming rights for themselves. But despite their power, they were jealous and conflicted among themselves.

The tour includes the historical sites:

The Hospitaller Fortress (Knights Halls), the Templar Tunnel and the Ramchal synagogue and Jewish Heritage Center.

In between the sites you will pass through the alleys of the Old City and the districts that were in it.

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