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About the Old Akko & Nazareth Dev. company

The Old Akko & Nazareth Development Company Ltd. was founded in 1967 and is now headed by CEO Yuval Porat.

The Old Akko & Nazareth Development Company is a government company subordinate to the Ministry of Tourism. The Company’s aim is to implement the tasks outlined in the Company’s statute, namely develop the Old City and make it an international tourist city. 

The Company is funded by all government ministries according to its areas of activity.

Its revenues are invested in developing the Old City and marketing it in line with a regional concept featuring accommodation (hotels), tours and visits to the sites and attractions of Akko and the surrounding area. Its revenues are further invested in promoting and initiating the financial aspect required for the city to thrive.

A Visitors and Reservations Center was set up in the Enchanted Garden, which is located in the Northern Anchor at the entrance to Old Akko, as a public service. The Center provides information and can be used to make reservations for visits to the various sites in Akko and the Western Galilee.

The Company currently owns and operates most of the historical sites, museums and other sites throughout Old Akko.
The Company sells entrance tickets at prices equal to each person in order to encourage and increase tourism in Old Akko.
In addition, the Company is engaged in the development of tourism infrastructure and in the development of tourist properties in Old Akko.
The Company invests its profits in the promotion and development of tourism in Old Akko.