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Meet Saleem

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Stone Carving Workshop

Attend Saleem’s workshop and learn the secrets of conservation art.

About Saleem

Saleem Amer is a master stonemason using traditional methods and has been involved in conservation in Old Akko for many years.

The city is rich in history, architecture and ancient building culture. This charm makes Old Akko an international-scale tourist city.

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Saleem Amer, a resident of Akko who cares deeply about the conservation of the city and its antiquities, shares his knowledge with the tourists and workshop participants.

As part of the workshops with Saleem in “Al Madrasa” workshop, the participants will experience stone-carving and come out with a souvenir of the work they created.

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About the workshop

Stone conservation and chiseling workshop

The activity of the workshop deals with methods of conservation and stone carving using traditional methods and ancient techniques.

As part of the workshop, Saleem Amer shares with the participants his experience of conservation in Israel in general and in Akko in particular. After describing examples of projects and demonstrating stonemasonry in traditional techniques, the participants themselves experience the stonemasonry.

The workshop can be short (20 minutes) or longer and last about 40 minutes.

The long workshop includes experience in conserving a historic wall in Akko and activities inside the “Al Madrasa” located inside an ancient Ottoman structure.

The activity is accompanied by refreshments: coffee or tea and dates.

additional tours

Each participant experiences the application of lime-based bonding materials for a wall conservation.

The workshop is for families and lasts about 30 minutes.

An applied workshop to illustrate the structure of an arch and understand its engineering construction principles.

For families with children aged 14 and over

The workshop lasts about 30 minutes.

Workshop participants receive a piece of marble, paint / sculpt and at the end of the workshop take the work home as a souvenir.

The workshop is intended for families with children aged 10 and over

The workshop lasts about 90 minutes.

At the end of the tour, participants will become familiar with conservation in the city, architectural methods and ancient construction, failures, weathering, and destruction.

Designed for families with children of all ages.

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