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A Doughy Paradise

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Akko is brimming with both salty and sweet delights
It’s impossible to stroll through the old city of Akko without succumbing to the intoxicating smell of dough rising in an old oven or syrupy semolina sweets that call to you from their stands. Akko’s sweets are some if its greatest treasures.  Like most of Akko’s restaurants and food stands, bakeries are also a family affair with recipes and baking methods being passed on from generation to generation.  In fact, chefs from all over Israel will come to Akko’s most famous bakeries to watch hand-made Arab sweets and pastries being made from scratch.  Akko is indeed a doughy paradise, and to help you find your favorite carb, here is a list of baking goods worth looking for.

Baklava, Kanafe and Kadaif

Follow your nose and eyes to rich Middle Eastern desserts like Baklava, made of layers of filo filled with chopped nuts held together with syrup or honey, or Kanafe, which combines fried stringy kadaif noodles with a mild white cheese, sweet syrup, rose water and pistachios crushed on top, delicious!

More Sweets!

While Kanafe is best eaten warm and fresh, there are other sweets you can take home to munch on later, like healthy and savory Black Seed cookies, date filled Maamul Cookies, Halva sweets made from sesame paste, gel filled Lokum Turkish Delights and many other traditional semolina or honey cakes, almond or dried fruit cookies.

Fresh Flatbreads

Most people are familiar with Pita bread, the fluffy pocket bread of the Middle East. Pitas and flatbreads are best eaten fresh from the oven, and in Akko there are some amazing old ovens. Step into old bakeries to find pitas, sesame breadsticks and flatbreads with zatar, or tomatoes & onions like Manakish, the pizzas of the Middle East, sometimes topped with cheese or minced lamb.

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Old akko

Caramel Bakery

Handmade bakery run by pastry chef Hanin Alak. In the bakery you can find gluten-free pastries, desserts from around the world and off-the-shelf products.
Old akko

Ouda Bakery

This small bakery run by brothers sells a variety of breads and pastries like Manakish with zatar and olive oil, Sambusaks stuffed with spinach, long pretzels coated with sesame seeds and more.
Old akko

Kashash Sweets

It's hard to pass through Akko's old market without visiting this institution. Baklava, Kanafeh, maamul cookies and more are all made fresh in house, so be sure to sneak a peek through the kitchen door.
Old akko

Tahaa Sweets

Helmed by the matriarch of the family, Umm Juma, these Arab sweets stand boasts cookies, snacks, rose water pastries, halva and sugar-coated candy delicacies.
Old akko

Abed Alhadi Sweets

Another old city market favorite that sells baklava, rose water & pistachio cookies, date filled macaroons and hot trays with honey-soaked sweets.
Old akko

Jihan Dough

A bakery that serves dough in all forms, both salty and sweet: breads of all shapes and sizes, authentic Middle Eastern cookies and sweets, pies and chocolate wonders.
Old akko

Beshtawe Sweets

Middle eastern pastries and sweets. Beshtawe Sweets is a family owned business; the recipes have been passed for 5 generations. Come and experience a cuisine that goes back thousands of years.
Old akko

Abu Al Kahar

In the old city market look for Abu Al Kahar's stand of dried fruits dipped in honey, sugar coated nuts, fresh halva and their famous black seed cookies.

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