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Akko's Unique & Traditional Cuisine

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The Mediterranean Sea inspires Akko’s delicious dishes
Akko’s Middle Eastern cuisine is inspired by its location and people, a combination of Mediterranean & Middle Eastern roots, with various ethnic influences from Arab, North African and European countries.  Restaurants pride themselves on the freshness of their fish from local fisherman, as well as local meats and produce.  Like so many of Akko’s establishments, family restaurants abound, with traditions that have been passed from generation to generation.  Some establishments began small and have grown over the years, while others have stayed exactly the same for decades.  You can often feel the long-standing tradition of each restaurant in their warm and inviting servers and staff.

It’s hard to choose a Middle Eastern restaurant in Akko, there are so many excellent ones.  The unique views are part of the experience, whether by the sea or in an old city alleyway.  Expect generous appetizer ‘mezzes’ that include a variety of fresh and cooked salads, like cauliflower dipped in tahini, eggplant salad, taboule, labane, tehina, hummus, falafel before delving into main dishes that include cooked or grilled catches of the day like sea bream or Mediterranean sea bass, along with shrimp and calamari dishes.  Meat lovers will find kebab and various grilled meats in most restaurants while Vegetarians and Vegans can enjoy a plethora of starters, salads, grilled vegetables and more.  The sheer number of restaurants makes it very hard to choose!

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Middle Eastern

Old akko


This Ottoman building turned restaurant, with its beautiful courtyard, is the creation of three partners, of three different faiths, Jewish, Christian and Muslim. Surrounded by greenery, huge arches and exposed stone walls, this restaurant gem serves Kosher and modern Levantine food with high quality local ingredients
Akko city


Authentic café restaurant in a charming atmosphere. Meat, fish and dairy are also served.
Akko city

Mualam Restaurant

A well-known local street restaurant at the entrance to the Old City with simple tables and authentic local food: shish kebab, shwarma, grilled catch of the day, falafel, salads, hummus and more. The restaurant's yellow sign is a familiar sight for veteran Akko visitors.
Akko city

Mobarsham Argaman beach

A large beach restaurant on Argaman Beach in Akko, offers a menu of traditional Arabian food, fish and grilled meats, a selection of salads and oriental desserts. Sitting inside or on the beach terrace.
Old akko

Mobarsham Western coast

This restaurant opened in 1970 as a small family place that fed students homemade authentic dishes. Over the years it has expanded and become a prominent restaurant in the Akko's west side, with authentic fish and meat dishes, salads, special deserts and more.
Akko city


A 10min walk from the Old City, this restaurant was opened by a pair of Akko restaurateurs, Issa and Manar Elias, and offers Galilean and Italian cuisine. Many dishes are baked in the restaurant's Taboon, and besides fish, meat and doughy dishes, a diverse brunch menu is served until 2pm.
Old akko

Halil Jerchi & Sons

This fish shop, founded by Khalil Jarchi and now run by his sons, the Jarchi brothers, serves fresh seafood that make their way to the plate straight from the store. Diners can choose their seafood, watch its preparation, and enjoy. Meat lovers and children will find other meat and chicken dishes as well.
Akko city

Loaves & Fish

The Hanna family has run this sea facing restaurant since 1962. Decorated with colorful artwork and arched windows, the restaurant serves Middle Eastern salads and starters, seafood, along with kebabs, grilled meats, steaks and other Middle Eastern dishes.
Old akko


A restaurant that is part of our home, the restaurant is located in front of the promenade and the lighthouse at the end of the Akko Peninsula. The restaurant serves seafood and meats in the local Akko style of cooking and delicious taste.
Old akko


Dreamy views meet fresh seafood and meat at this well known restaurant. Perched over the Mediterranean Sea, facing the ancient walls of Akko’s Old City, Doniana’s fancier menu features fresh grilled fish and tender meats accompanied by a plethora of side dishes.
Old akko

Gallery Samaan

Just outside of the old city, opposite the Or Torah Synagogue, this well known local family run Lebanese restaurant offers Middle Eastern salads and starters, fish and meat dishes. Many locals come to socialize in the intimate atmosphere, which can be enjoyed in its upper level as well.
Old akko


Located in the southern part of the Old City, in the Pisan Harbor, this local establishment offers grilled and fried fish dishes with a variety of sauces and toppings, seafood stews and fresh and cooked salads. Also holds events for larger groups.
Old akko

El Khan

Located in the unique Khan a-Shwarda building in the Old city, which has undergone meticulous preservation in recent years. The restaurant interior remains clean, contemporary and elegant. Enjoy fresh and authentic seafood, meat and vegetable dishes. The restaurant also holds festive events in both its indoor or outdoor spaces.
Old akko

Abu Christo

Seaside Greek family owned restaurant since 1948, now run by the founder Anastas's grandson. Enjoy fresh seafood and meat dishes, great salads and starters and be sure to take a look at the thousand year old wine room built during the Crusader period, which also serves as an event space.

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