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Succulent Street Food in Akko

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Akko’s diversity shines in its scrumptious ethnic street food
Akko truly is a melting pot of different cultures from the Middle East and Mediterranean, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the diversity of its quality street food.  Whether it’s in a pita or baguette, there is an impressive variety of ethnic munchies you can buy at a stand and then devour on a bench while watching the sea.

Akko is home to famous falafel stands that attract visitors from all over, Moroccan rolls stuffed with beef patties in red sauce, a Tunisian stand serving the Jerusalem inspired mixed grill sandwich, Turkish falafel,  Shnitzel sandwiches, American burgers and of course, many variations of Shwarma.  Unless you’re a local you won’t know if you’re being served by a local Muslim or Christian Arab, a Jew, a Druze or any other ethnic religious identity, and that’s the beauty of Akko.

Just like the rest of Israel, two of Akko’s most common street foods are falafel & shwarma.  Like Hummus, falafel is considered an iconic Israeli cuisine and a great Vegan street food as it’s made from deep fried balls of ground chickpeas and/or fava beans.  Falafel stands are not only judged by the quality of their golden falafel balls, but also in how they are placed and topped with the right balance of salads, pickled vegetables, hummus, tehina, and hot sauce.   The same is true for Shwarma, which in Israel is usually made from a mix of turkey and lamb fat.  The marinated meat is roasted on a huge rotating skewer and then shaved off to get stuffed in a pita with all the usual toppings.  While falafel is served at many restaurants in Akko, just like Shwarma, it’s best eaten in a local food stand. 

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Ready to munch?

There are many fabulous options:

Street Food

Old akko

Kurdi Spice Shop

Marwan Kurdi is the owner of this famous spice shop, decorated with oceanic treasures. Locals come here to buy ras el hanout, a combination of 12 secret spices, or other rarities like Madagascar cinnamon.
Old akko

Sharqawi Spices

Our spice blends upgrade the taste of the food without the addition of preservatives and food coloring, everything is natural and healthy.
Old akko

Shawarma Hashalom

At the entrance to the old city, this old well known establishment serves both veal and turkey Shwarma with generous toppings and a small glass of Arab coffee to help it all go down smoothly.
Old akko

Bader Coffee

Deeb Bader runs this famous coffee and spice stall, with roasted coffee from all over the world and spices such as aromatic fresh za'atar. Make sure to try their traditional black coffee with cardamom or hawaij, a mix of ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves.
Akko city


A few steps from "Aziza's", Shiran Ashkenazi prepares her mother's famous Tunisian sandwiches as well as the Jerusalem mix grill sandwich (chicken, beef, spleen and fat), great falafel and a variety of fresh salads.
Akko city


A mythological sandwich stand in the city, named after the owner's mother, where you can find Habiza sweet rolls stuffed with beef patties in red sauce, schnitzel or fried eggplant sandwiches, as well as Makuda, Moroccan potato pie.
Old akko

Soul Burger

A surprising but successful addition to the city's culinary scene, Ekel & Osman, Akko residents and owners of the place, offer a quality burger made daily with fresh meat and served with quality beer.
Old akko

Ahmed Zahur & Sons, Fish Stand

Well known for their fresh and quality fish that make their way to many restaurants in the area.
Old akko

Octavio Pomegranate & Beetroot Juices cart

Octavio Sousa's juice cart stands at the end of the Turkish Bazaar. Its location does not mean that you have to wait for the end of the trip to get a dose of sweetness and health. Octavio says that after tasting the special juices you no longer think it is expensive. Its fruits are especially tasty, and among the special juices are combinations of pomegranates and oranges, beets and apples that are considered delicacies.
Old akko

Falafel Arafe

Operating since 1959, this family falafel stand produces falafel balls with perfect cooperation and speed. Considered one of the best in the country, it is famous for both its quality and their unique placement of their golden balls

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