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Argaman Beach

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Catch some sunlight on Akko’s stunning Golden Beach

Argaman (Crimson) Beach, Akko Golden Sand Beach. The mandatory name of the special beach of the city of Akko is the Argaman beach. The shoreline connects to the horizon line of the Old City Walls.

The coastal area of Akko, or as it was formerly called the ” Akko Bay “, was known for its sand quality for glass production and was known as the place where the sand was mined and transported to glass factories.

Also, in the Argaman beach area was collected the crimson snail from which was produced the known crimson color.

 Today, Argaman Beach is a declared bathing beach, which is visited by tourists and residents of Akko and the surrounding area, as well as surfers and windsurfers.

On the beach there are various facilities for the well-being of the bathers, such as: toilets, beach locker rooms, restaurants, cafes, and rescue services.

The building is accessible, including disabled parking and disabled services.

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