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Extreme Park

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Challenge yourself in this Extreme Park

At the entrance to the city of Akko there are amazing attractions waiting for you in the largest and newest Extreme Park in Israel.

Exactly 36 years have passed since the first bungee jumping in history, until the day the Extreme Park opened in Akko, one of Israel’s most beautiful tourist cities.

The park is designed and built to become a home for enthusiasts, lovers of unique attractions and a quality and original place to conduct private and business events that have not yet been seen.

Throughout Extreme Park you can find exceptional extreme sports facilities, with huge scales that have broken records in size and quality.

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Consider the climbing wall in the park, which is the highest in the entire Middle East; 32 meters of constant excitement! The wall at a negative angle is studded with hundreds of climbing grips that were built specifically for the park and were imported from France.

At the top of the outer climbing wall is the highest bungee jumping in Israel, 10 stories high. Bungee jumping in Akko Extreme Park is unique thanks to a system of pulleys that allows you to reach the ground with a soft landing, on your feet, and therefore suitable for children.

In addition to the Extreme Park, a huge 90-meter omega, the length of a large football stadium, and two amazing Sky Tracks to test how brave you are.

Celebrating a special event? Extreme Park invites you to hold events in a pleasant, energetic and happy atmosphere throughout the park, suited to all types of celebrations and events.

Shafan HaSela, founded in 1999, operates the Akko Extreme Park since its establishment.

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Facilities in the Park:

* SKY TRACK – a complex of 6 suspension bridges, 7 meters high

*EXTREME SKY TRACK – a complex of 6 suspension bridges at a height of 15 meters (high degree of difficulty)

*Omega – Angular surfing from a 18 meters height along 90 meters

*Outdoor climbing complex – 30 meters high (1500 m2)

Indoor climbing complex – 30 meters high (500 m2)*

*Climbing boulder without security – indoor – 4 meters

*BUNGEEDROP – a unique bungee drop facility in the country – 30 meters high – an experience of skydiving

*Ladders and ropes – a complex of 6 elements with different levels of difficulty

Free climbing boulder – outdoor – 3 meters high*

Playground designed by the artist Gil SADEH *

*Shaded compound for groups

*Food services on site

*Indoor hall – 250 m2 multi-light air-conditioned