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Monfort Lake

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Chill out by the lake, enjoy boat pedaling and other activities.
Nestled in the heart of the Western Galilee, surrounded by green lawns and attractions. You are invited to enjoy an array of attractions all around the magical lake and unique park:
Ice skating rink, Unique extreme park, Go-carting, RZR trip, Visitors center – “Derech Hashemen”, Summer swimming pool for evening events, Sailing on the lake, Kosher grill restaurant, Camping site for groups and families, Spacious lawns and spectacular waterfalls, and an Amphitheater.

Monfort Lake – Israel’s First Ecological Park

            Ice Skating Rink

Professional ice-skating rink offers visitors and skaters an exceptional experience: indoor ice skating on a semi-Olympic-sized rink, providing a unique adventure throughout the year. During the summer, the rink provides a pleasant shelter from the heat and in the winter, a fun, enjoyable winter experience for the entire family.

The professional staff will select the right ice skates for each skater and explain the safety rules, provide tips for proper skating, and help you with anything else you may need.

*Come dressed in long pants and socks

ActivityDuration of ActivityTotal cost per participant including VATComment
Ice SkatingOne HourNIS 45 per participantThe rink can house approximately 70 people. The recommendation is for 50 people per round.
A Taste of Artistic Ice Skating10-15 minutes per show950 ₪For 2 dancers, the cost per hour in which 2 performances can be given
*An ice performance is possible but must be scheduled with the site.
Ice Skaing Rink

Extreme Park

A challenging facility that offers an unforgettable and enjoyable experience. Four floors of extreme sport facilities of varying levels of difficulty, allowing participants to rediscover motor skills that have long since been used. The ability to overcome fear while moving through the attractions is a shared experience for all ages. Come try and have fun! The park’s four floors are designed to allow users to easily advance based on the varying levels of difficulty without crowds. The park provides a challenging experience for one-and-a-half hours.

A skilled team that operates the park oversees visitors and makes sure that all of the activities are being safely performed. The park complies with the most stringent safety standards in Israel and around the world.

*Visitors must wear shoes suitable for sport activities – closed shoes (preferably sneakers / walking shoes)

ActivityDuration of ActivityTotal cost per participant including VATComment
Rope Park1.5 hours including instruction58 ₪Up to 80 participants at one time
Possible additions in the Extreme Park:
Leap of Fear – NIS 8 including VAT per Participant
Swing See-Saw NIS 16 including VAT per agent
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Go-karting is considered a challenging, competitive and safe sport. Our asphalt track was built especially for professional go-carting, and is in compliance with the most stringent standards, providing a fast and safety racing experience.
Every participant is given 10 rounds that translates into a full 10 minutes of fun.
Drivers must be at least 12 years of age. No special skills or driver’s license are required.

ActivityDuration of ActivityTotal cost per participant including VATComment
Go-carting10 minutes per person39 NIS10 vehicles drive at the same time
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Whether you are energetic, adrenaline-pumped hikers or people who prefer a relaxing trip in the mountains of the Western Galilee, this trip is for you. The experience features breathtaking views, extreme driving in the field and a lot of action.
We have the knowledge, ability and professionalism to customize each trip to your needs. Extreme, challenging, relaxed, pastoral…

ActivityDuration of ActivityTotal cost per participant including VATComment
RZR TripsApproximately one hour110 NISRZR of 2/4 seats Up to 30 people at the same time

Derech Hashemen Visitors Center

The Visitors Center for studying the heritage of oil and olive includes a yard with a restored olive press. Visitors will learn about the oil industry in the region and the connection to the area, through an introductory film, displays and hands-on activity in the olive press. Visitors will enjoy baking pitas before the group and a pottery workshop for preparing prehistoric tools.
*Quality oil products will be sold at the site, including creams and soaps
*Visitors will be able to prepare pitas in the taboon

ActivityDuration of ActivityTotal cost per participant including VATComment
Visitors Center3 Hours35 NISIncludes pottery workshop, preparation of pitas in the taboon
Visitors Center – Adult45 minutes18 NISVisitors Center, Instruction, pitas with olive oil and zaatar, coffee corner

Summer Swimming Pool for Evening Events

Spectacular swimming pool, with vista overlooking the charming lake.
Contains up to 300 people in the facility. Can be closed for team Unity Day / groups:
The site is surrounded by spacious lawns, tables and chairs, shaded areas, bathrooms, and showers as well as a cafeteria.
The swimming pool can be closed for events from 18:00

ActivityTotal cost per participant including VATComment
Swimming PoolClosing the pool for three hours 1200 NISClosing groups possiblein June, July, August – only after six in the evening

Key emphasis:

  • Music played until 23:00 only!
  • Barbeque strictly prohibited
  • Pool is staffed with a lifeguard

Sailing on the Lake

A sail on the lake provides unique and magical moments for the individual, couple or group. If you want to relax between the islands, bridges and pastoral lawns, take a boat and sail the waters. Enjoyment guaranteed.

On the shores of the lake, visitors can talk, host ‘parliament’ discussions, for free, along with playing backgammon, cards, read newspapers, etc.

ActivityDuration of ActivityTotal cost per participant including VATComment
Sailing on the LakeApproximately half an hour10 NIS per participantApproximately 50-70 people per round. 4/5 people per boat
Corner for backgammon/ checkers / cards including coffee and cold beverages3 Hours12 NIS per participant, over 100 payers spread with no feeSuitable for 50 people at the same time
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Kosher Grill Bar Restaurant

GAL restaurant is a kosher chef’s restaurant for company events and groups. The restaurant is located at the Montfort Lake tourist site on the shores of the delightful lake overlooking a spectacular view of laurel trees, olive trees and a Mediterranean grove. GAL serves prime meat alongside select fish and magnificent vegetarian dishes. The magical atmosphere that balances wild nature with the elegant style of the restaurant provides an extraordinary sense of hospitality and calm when eating delicious dishes made from top quality ingredients meticulously prepared by Chef Sivan Amsalem.

ActivityTotal cost per participant including VATComment
Lunch / Dinner Meat77 NIS / 99 NIS / 154 NIS per person + 10% service in accordance with the selected menuAccording to the attached menu file

Camping Site for Groups

On the eastern side of the lake, with the Galilean mountains as a backdrop, is the camping parking lot. The large fenced parking lot is designed for overnight stays for organized groups, school trips, youth movements (not for individuals and single families), etc. Various social activities can be conducted at the site.

  • Two large air-conditioned lodgings
  • Equipped housing for the staff
  • Fully equipped kitchen including stovetop and industrial refrigerators, spacious convenient prep spaces and service spaces 
  • Large, shaded, and pleasant dining room
  • Showers and bathrooms with hot water
  • Spacious lawns to set up tents
  • Illuminated, fenced parking lot
ActivityDuration of ActivityTotal cost per participant including VATComment
Lodging at the camping groundDayArea lodging – NIS 38 Lodging in air-conditioned tent NIS 45 per participantOption for staff housing, 5 rooms Room for 3/4 (price 200/300) Lodging in tent – up to 180 pupils / teens