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The Knights Tournament

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The Knights return to Old Akko, an extraordinary family experience

The Knights Tournament takes place in Old Akko in the Jousting Arena at the Hospitallers Fortress compound during the holidays vacation.

The Tournament simulates the knights’ games that took place in Jousting Arenassimilar to the one at the fortress.

The ‘knights’ on horseback train all year round to perform professional stunts and duels between a ‘French Knight’ and an ‘English Knight’.

The children are given crowns at the show entrance according to the colors of the knights outfits. At the end of the show, they families are invited to take pictures with the ‘king’, the ‘Jester’ and the ‘Knights’.

The Knights Tournaments will take place on Sukkot on the following dates:
21- 22- 23- 25 September 2021
3 Shows a day:  12:00, 16:00, 19:00
Special cost for the ticket including admission to the Show and all the Tourist Sites: 69 NIS per person! Free entry for children 3 year old and below
Registration Open – But Limited Seats Available So Hurry Up!

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