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Take part in unforgettable performances by top Israeli artists

A new entertainment complex in Akko located in the Fortress compound, 1 Weizmann Street, Old Akko.

In the heart of Old Akko, the Knights Halls have become the new place for Israeli performers and artists. The “Citadel” (HaMetsuda) – The House of Music in Northern Israel.

The events are accessible. Help for the hearing impaired can be coordinated. 
Contact the Akko Municipality’s Community Relations Division at Tel: 04-9956225.

Coming shows: 12 May 22 Rotem Cohen, 26 May 22 Tislam, 2 June 22 Raviv Caner, 23 June 22 Ishay Ribo , 11 August 22 Marina Maximilian , 25 August Aviv Geffen, 1 Sep. 22 Ran Danker

Short Promo for coming music events in the Citadel – HaMetsuda
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